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Wild Advent Full Skein Pre-Order (May 2024)

Wild Advent Full Skein Pre-Order (May 2024)

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If you choose to purchase any of our 'Ready to Ship' yarn with your pre-order, all yarn will be shipped together in 5 weeks. To have your available yarn ship first, please purchase any 'Ready to Ship' yarn separately from this pre-order.

Each month beginning in January and continuing through May of 2024, five colorways from our 2023 Wild Advent Calendar will be available for pre-order. In the Month of May we will be listing Day 21-24 + Day 25. Phantom of the North, Day 25, will be available for pre-order each month, as we make our way through all 24 mini skeins. 

Day 20-24 can be purchased all together as a fade set or individually. Day 25 is not included in the fade set, it must be purchased in addition to the fade set. These colorways are available in 100g skeins on our Bighorn Sock and Bighorn DK bases. Both bases are superwash Merino wool. Our Bighorn Sock base contains 20% Nylon, while our Bighorn Dk base is 100% superwash Merino. 

Round five will include the following colorways:
(Our final fade set only includes 4 colorways)
Day 21: Keeper of the Forest
Day 22: Midnight Fox
Day 23: After Dark
Day 24: Midnight on the Mountain

Day 25: Phantom of the North (not included in fade set must be purchased in addition to fade set)

Our fifth and final round of pre-orders for our 2023 Wild Advent Collection will begin on Thursday May 9th at 10:00 am MT and remain open until Saturday May 11th at 10:00 am MT. This is a 5 week pre-order, orders will begin to ship out on June 13th 2024. 

This pre-order is only available in 100g skeins. The mini skeins in this collection are exclusive to the advent calendar and will not be available for purchase as a full 24 skein collection again. The pictures in this listing show the colorways from our advent calendar on mini skeins for color reference only. In this listing you are purchasing full 100g skeins of each color. No mini skeins are included. 

A note about recreating Advent colorways:

The same techniques and formulas will be applied to our full skeins during the dyeing process as were originally applied to the mini skeins in our 2023 Wild Advent Calendar. However, the full skeins will not be identical to the mini skeins. While a batch of 20 mini skeins and a batch of 4 full skeins both equal 400 g, the mini skeins overlap one another a lot more in the pan creating a unique distribution of color, not all minis get the same treatment within each batch. Each mini takes on its own unique look based on its position in the pan. When dyeing full skeins, each skein is much larger and has more surface area to absorb the many different colors used in the formula. The colors used will typically be distibuted more evenly on all 4 skeins creating a slightly different look than the minis using the same formulas and techniques. The full skein colorways always turn out beautifully and very similar to the mini skeins, but don't expect them to be exactly the same. 

In the full Advent colorway collection photo, Day 1 begins on the top row to the right and moves to the left to Day 12. The bottom row begins with Day 13 on the left ending with Day 24 on the bottom right.

All 24 colorways pictured are not sold together, January’s fade only includes of Day 1-5, February includes Day 6-10, March includes Day 11-15, April includes Day 16-20 and May includes Day 21-24. Day 25, Phantom of the North will be available for pre-order each month as well. 

Bighorn Sock

Fingering Weight
80% Superwash Merino Wool
20% Nylon
Worsted Spun (Combed)
21.5 Microns
2ply/400 yds/100g

Bighorn DK

DK Weight
100% Superwash Merino Wool
Worsted Spun (Combed)
21.5 Microns
4ply/231 yds/ 100g

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