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Harvest (Laramie Range Worsted)

Harvest (Laramie Range Worsted)

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Laramie Range Worsted


100% Mountain Merino

Wyoming Rambouillet Wool

2 ply 200 yds / 100g

22.5 Microns

Our Laramie Range line is named after the Laramie Mountains just outside of Douglas, Wyoming where I call home. 

Laramie Range Worsted is our 100% Mountain Merino Rambouillet non-superwash wool that is grown, milled and spun in Buffalo, Wyoming. It is then shipped just two hours away to be hand dyed by me in Douglas, Wyoming. 

The fibers are not all combed in one direction before spinning (known as woolen spun) however this unique yarn base is stronger than a woolen spun yarn because it is semi-worsted spun giving you the best of both worlds. It possess the lofty, airy texture and insulating qualities of a woolen spun yarn with the added strength of a worsted spun yarn. You will find occasional "VM" (vegetable matter) in the fibers, as it is lightly processed to maintain the natural, sheepy integrity of the wool. 

Our Laramie Range line is a 2 ply construction which provides more movement in your stitches creating a beautiful woolen texture. The yarn is more balanced than a single ply yarn yet not as round as a 3 ply.

Rambouillet wool is known for its loft, warmth and bounce due to the air trapped in the fibers. Being first cousins to the Merino sheep, you get an idea of the softness their wool possesses. Absolutely next to skin wearable with all of the benefits of an untreated wool. 


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