Collection: Additional Colorways

Many of our colorways are interchangeable across multiple bases. Our solid/tonal colorways can be dyed on any base. Our variegated and speckled colorways are only available on our superwash bases (Bighorn Sock/DK). Boxelder Organic is currently the only non-superwash base that we dye variegated colors on, however those colorways are specific to this base and aren't available on other bases and vice versa, with the exception of solid/tonal colorways. All of our Wyoming wool bases are solid colorways. Any color  pictured across these bases can be dyed on Snowy Range Sport, Teton Range DK and Laramie Range Worsted. Snowy Range Sport is naturally  grey in color. Colorways on this base always have more depth of shade. Jackalope Suri and Sundance kid are non-superwash bases and can also be dyed any solid or tonal colorway that we offer. 

-Please refer to  our Colorway Gallery to see the colors listed below on other bases as the colors listed below do not have pictures on these specefic bases.

-If you are unfamiliar with our yarn bases you will still need to reference the original base listing to find out more information about each specific yarn base in the additional colorway categories below.

-Keep in mind colorways will vary from base to base. Especially when comparing Superwash vs. Non-Superwash yarns. 

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