Sandy Beach (Teton Range Worsted)

Sandy Beach (Teton Range Worsted)

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Our Teton Range line is the rugged luxury category of our local Wyoming wool collection named after the beautiful Teton Mountains of Jackson, Wyoming.

The Teton Range Worsted base is a premium Mountain Merino wool blend of Rambouillet, Cormo, Targhee and Columbia sheep breeds. It has a micron count of 20.5 which is the kind of softness that is usually found in a superwash Merino. Our Teton Range Worsted Base is a Non-Superwash Wool that is grown, milled and spun in Buffalo, Wyoming. It is then shipped just two hours away to be hand dyed by me in Douglas, Wyoming. 

The fibers are combed in one direction, also know as worsted spun, to create a smooth surface in preparation for a 3 ply construction. The three plies create a round, strong yarn that produces a plump and even stitch definition. 

The variety of sheep breeds in this premium Merino blend create  a very versatile and well rounded yarn. It is undeniably soft and next to skin wearable. It is very lofty with wonderful elasticity, bounce, and the lively energy only found in an untreated wool. Combine these attributes with a 3 ply worsted spun construction and you are sure to have a long lasting garment with all the beneficial properties of untreated wool. 

The fibers absorb the dye in a way that creates a matte, soft and natural canvas to work with. 

Need more yarn for your project than what is available? You can custom order a minimum of 2 skeins or more by clicking on the custom order tab in the menu on the home page. Since the Mill is local to me I am able to offer a quick turnaround time on all Wyoming Wool bases.


Worsted Weight

100% Premium Mountain Merino


Targhee /Columbia

Wyoming Wool

Non Superwash

Worsted Spun (Combed)

3 ply/210yds/100g

20.5 Microns